G5 go bye bye -- the article that ends it all.

in Future Apple Hardware edited January 2014
From the MacCentral Article:

Motorola's Apollo G4 chip, which is currently shipping in Apple's newest desktop machines, will be the chip of choice for some time to come.

"The G4 has a long life ahead of it," said Joswiak. "There are a number of tweaks and revs that will happen to that processor over a long period of time."

The G5 -- if it even exists -- won't be around for a while. It's a pipe dream. A non-issue. No matter how you spin the article, the reporter and Joswiak spell it out for you: the G4 will be on ALL desktop systems for a while.

Please, in the name of all reasonable thought, stop speculating about the G5 for a while, and stop complaining about how SLOW the dual 1Ghz machines are. It's really old, and most of us don't want to hear it for the next several months. :eek:

Now, to save up for a Dualie 1Ghz....

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