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Well, my 1 year contract with Sprint PCS is coming up, and I am entertaining switching to something else.

My experience with Sprint PCS has been fairly good with one exception, the reception in my neighborhood is spotty. I get a lot of dropped calls, but I've been able to manage. The huge plus is that it has digital service in my old hometime where I travel a lot. I've also been very satisfied with my Samsung N200 phone. Long talk time, solidly built phone, and excellent user interface. Problem is, I want to drop my bare bones $30/month local SWB landline.

So I went to the Sprint PCS store and looked at the latest PCS vision phones (Samsung and LG) yesterday, and to my surprise, their user interfaces suck Microsoft Bob bad. The Samsung N400 is pretty much an upgraded N200 with a really bad interface. Another reason why I'm thinking of switching.

I've got some questions for users of the Sony Ericsson T68/T68m/T68i. How is the user interface? What is it like? I read a review they said it was slow. Is there a holster for it? If you used it with T-Mobile (nee Voicestream), how's the reception? How's the coverage?

Lastly any recommendations for phones and services? I don't that much over price, and I tend to like a good hunk of machinary over something flimsy.


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    scottscott Posts: 7,431member
    I've gone cell phone only now. No more land line (that's cool talk for a home phone).

    Anyway now I'm thinking of upgrading. I have AT&T with the el cheap-o nokia. It works fine. I've heard that AT&T has crap coverage on the east coast but where I am in flyover country it's okay.

    The fscking head set pull out too much.

    You think moving to a better phone will get you better signals or is it all in the location of the cell towers?

    My main gripe is battery life. I hate when the cell is plugged into the wall and it still goes dead. I mean WTF is that?
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    imaximax Posts: 43member
    I've got AT&T and I'm in the Northeast. I find the coverage/reception to be fine as long as I'm near the major routes, which is the same for all the carriers around here. I did hear that Sprint is spotty with their coverage however. I was also considering switching but now I may stay with AT&T. I think they have better coverage than Sprint. They are cheaper than Nextel, and Nextel is useless unless you have a lot of friends/co-workers with it, I won't do Verizon out of spite (I can't stand their commercials. I know that' a dumb reason but so be it). T-Mobile is an option as they have the best value (minutes for the money). Mostly I want a new phone.
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    thttht Posts: 4,725member
    <strong>Originally posted by Scott:

    You think moving to a better phone will get you better signals?</strong>

    No. There will be some variability in phone reception, but my research tells me that is a crapshoot.

    I just like a nicely designed piece of hardware, user interface included.
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    Well, so far, I've told AT&T, Sprint PCS, Verizon Wireless, and the old GTE Wireless to shove their accounts up their collective asses. Right now, I'm with Alltel. So far I haven't bitched them out about anything, but that could change very soon.

    Actually, Cingular sounds great, because they rollover your unused minutes monthly.
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    torifiletorifile Posts: 4,024member
    I've got Cingular and I haven't got many complaints at all. After using AT&T for a while and then Sprint (which I still have but it was so bad I'm just paying out the rest of my contract and throwing the phone off a high building), I've been extremely happy with Cingular. I don't have a land line either. I get a ton of minutes and no long distance fees. I don't have the rollover plan because it's just for their regional plans, so no nationwide roaming. Search on groups.google.com for your region. You'll get lots of feedback there.
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    myahmacmyahmac Posts: 222member
    hey man look at sanyo id you want an interface.

    i love it. i have the 6200 and the 6400 is right around the corner. if you need something now then look at the sanyo 4900 that has color and all things that the n400 has but with a nifty interface, the 6200 is similar.
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