I Broke down!!!



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    Remember, if you need a Mac and you can't buy new, but you MUST have a Mac, buy used. You can get the last generation computers for pretty reasonable prices, and if you choose wisely OSX doesn't need to be a dog on it.

    This is not an endorsement that used Macs beat new PCs...just that there are more choices than you might initially think.
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    ThinkingDifferent - now that's just plain incorrect and a gross generalization.


    For some reason, people who buy a PC go for quanity not quality.


    So in my PC, I have a seagate IV baracuda drive. It has liquid bearings to minimize noise, heat, and wear. This is a drive that screams quality. Oh, but wait, I buy PC's, so I must not like quality.

    Or perhaps my video card. Why would I buy a leadtek GF4Ti4400 instead of some no-name brand? Can't be quality - I own a PC.

    My sound card and speakers - Creative Audigy with full Dolby 5.1, supporting EAX 3.0. My speakers are the Inspire 5.1 system. I must have really gotten hosed on those, because I paid a lot for what is obviously not quality. What kind of sound card does your mac have? Can you put an audigy or a Turtle Beach Santa Cruz in it...? oh... my bad...

    My heatsink/fan combo - a Volcano 6+ Cu (copper base), with arctic silver thermal compound. Again, since I can't have bought quality, I got totally ripped off paying for this stuff when I could have stuck with the stock HSF and thermal goop. Woulda been a lot worse, though, if I'd gone for one of those alphas! The suckers that buy those have no idea how bad they're getting gyped.

    I better start re-thinking my purchases, and buying [email protected] parts...

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    [quote]Originally posted by klinux:

    <strong>Dual(or more)-platformers rule! :cool: I hope the MB has USB 2.0 and FW ports though.</strong><hr></blockquote>

    Well I am sure the USB is 2.0 but it doesn't have firewire which isn't a real probably I will just buy a chard some time down the road and currently the only thing I have using firewire at my place is my external HD which I use on my iBook any way and when I hook them up to my hub I can just transfer between them both.

    I just checked the tracking number and I will have all my stuff today. Last night I went to best buy picked up a 17" Flat screen CRT for 129$. It's a MAG Innovision. Pretty nice little monitor I wanted 19" but this one will do the job.

    I think my grand total came to 924$ which isn't to bad, I just hope when I put this all together it all goes smoothly.
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    klinux, thanks for the tip!


    If you *need* an xserve but can't afford it...

    DellSB - PowerEdge 1400SC Server - Dual PC3 1.13GHz with 512K cache with 18GB 10,000RPM ...Cost? $550...

    Source: <a href="http://www.gotapex.com/deals.php"; target="_blank">http://www.gotapex.com/deals.php</a>; <hr></blockquote>

    i'll keep it in consideration.
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    Okay, okay neye_eve...don't feed the troll.
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