Sheer amount of data involved delaying EU ruling on Apple's Irish tax deals, Commissioner says



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    latifbplatifbp Posts: 544member

    latifbp said:
    I think it says something that there are always only 2 people on here who do the 'illegal state aid' echolalic song and dance. The same 2 people every time... Even contradicting what other people from the EU say about this case. WTF?! There's no smoking gun, no ruling, contradictory opinions about the EU's stupid, overbearing over-regulatory over-burdensome laws... Why don't you guys come back after there is an actual ruling. You can gloat then if you are correct. But your incompetent politicians can't even sift through the data, still, after two years. If these people can get their crap together someday, IF, come back then. As for now you have nothing, your politicians aren't able to do their job, and I hope your burdensome regulation drives jobs from international companies far out of Europe.
    Imy assuming one of those two is me. As all I have been doing is stating what the allegation is about and what the consequences of the claim being proved (or not) there will be no need to gloat. 
    People should acruelly look at what this case is about and what laws may have been broken.

    As any potential liability from Apple ranges from 100 million euros to 9 billion you might expect there to be a long time for any investigation as I'm sure Apples tax deals are not one pagers and also how taxable amounts are determined will be a mission in itself. Assuming Apple are found to have received illegal state aid of course.
    After long over a decade of this being the way it is, and two years on top of that... Reeks of political opportunism
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    latifbp said:
    gwydion said:

    Yes, it says that some people actually read what the commission documents say, from the 2014 document linked here

    And what the article 108.2 says?

    But perhaps you know more about what the case is that the EU themselves, and perhaps when they say that the case is about alleged illegal aids from a member state to a company they are not actually talking about alleged ilegal aids. Perhaps they have to ask you.

    When you can put a source saying that it is not alleged illegal aid then you can talk about sarcasm or other things. But as it is clear that you're just talking nonsense you won't give us anything rational apart of your ignorant, fanatic and hatred stupidities.

    And yes, it says something, it says that you're just wasting out time with your nonsense.

    The only stupid, repetitive and unchanging perspective is what you write.
    Oh look, he finally said more than 'illegal state aid... illegal state aid'... This from the guy who couldn't even do a simple Google search to discover well documented information about international taxation during another post. You can create or cite whatever laws you'd like, but how will this decision (if it ever happens) benefit you? Likely it won't, it's just Euro-trash regardless of whatever straw man you're claiming to fight against.
    And when it seemed that you reached the maximum level of nonsense, you tried harder and you wrote a post even more stupid.

    It is not only that you don't know a shit about what you talk, it is not only that you didn't even reads the articles in Appleinsider and the links to the EU documents, it is not even about the fact that the other post shown that you don't know about international law and you only talk from you back and it is not only that you don't know a shit about how EU works.
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