Alphabet again briefly overtakes Apple as America's most valuable company



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    croffordcrofford Posts: 69member
    With $200B in cash, and now a market cap of under $500B , that means the crazy stock market really values AAPL at $54.  But, like I said for two years now, you can call it crazy all day long but it doesn't help the share price.
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    blitz2blitz2 Posts: 34member
    bobschlob said:
    Never try to catch a falling knife, it could be finding support at 90 but who knows , there are a number of ways to play
    Wow. You really ARE smart!
    Yes, he is
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    rogifan_newrogifan_new Posts: 4,297member
    Today again my Twitter feed is full of tech people worrying about Apple's services and talking up how good Google's are. The last iMore podcast spent over 20 minutes just on problems with Apple Music, iTunes Match and iCloud Music Library,

    I do wonder is Tim Cook oblivious to some of these issues or does he just have his head in the sand? The best thing Tim could do for the company (and the stock) would be to hire a SVP of services and have them oversee everything iCloud. Let Eddy Cue focus on TV, Music, iTunes and Pay. Those four things alone are a full time job. Or better yet give Eddy an early retirement and let someone else run that stuff.
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    tzeshantzeshan Posts: 2,351member
    Apple is doomed.  The execs are inept.  After more than a month the SE is in short supply even at Apple Store.  CEO guides lower iPhone sales this quarter.  I felt this is dishonesty.  
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    baconstangbaconstang Posts: 890member
    ceek74 said:
    This is GREAT news!  Alphabet has soooo many products, let me name them all. (crickets)
    You can start with your name and my name.  Then everyone else on earth that uses a GOOG service.  WE are the product!
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    bobschlobbobschlob Posts: 1,074member
    blitz2 said:
    bobschlob said:
    Wow. You really ARE smart!
    Yes, he is
    I know!
    I mean; those gems of wisdom! They never occurred to me. I doubt they ever occurred to anybody!
    He should be a financial consultant.
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    5150iii5150iii Posts: 96member
    It sucks that we are back here at a really low point but if I had the means I would buy more. I last bought @ $96 around earnings. My dividend payment will get reinvested now as well.
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    calicali Posts: 3,494member
    volcan said:
    Where is Sog? I suppose he is still loading up the truck he said he would do if AAPL dropped to 92.

    blitz2 said:
    Paging sog!
    Paging sog!
    Bought another 300 @ 92???

    I think he's.....banned.
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    fallenjtfallenjt Posts: 4,046member
    apple ][ said:
    When I first started playing the market, I would be terrified every time that a stock that I owned dropped as little as a percent or two.

    Now, stock drops don't even bother me in the least, and I'll be adding a little bit more to my AAPL position soon. :#
    Same here. I'll check back to AAPL 2 years from now... I ain't care if it drops to $70 now.
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    peter236peter236 Posts: 254member
    Buying Amazon is the better choice, as it just blows by Apple in many sectors.
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    brucemcbrucemc Posts: 1,541member
    peter236 said:
    Buying Amazon is the better choice, as it just blows by Apple in many sectors.
    By which measures?  And which sectors?  They certainly barely compete with each other. 
    edited May 2016 netmage
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    paul turnerpaul turner Posts: 222member
    jcdinkins said:
    Ok.  In big since $50 pre-split (i.e. a long time ago).  In fact, I just bought more at $89.50.  There have been periods during that time where Apple has retracted and it was a full court press (like now) by the media and big money to get this as low as possible.  One thing that is happening with big money is they are having to reallocate portfolios because Apple is not in the "growth stock" category any more.  This is causing some of the heart burn that investors are feeling at this time.  The beat down is beyond ridiculous at this point.  Apple will come back.  Tim Cook is a capable CEO.  At times he can seem apathetic (I will admit), and dealing with a portfolio hit like this is not pleasant.  I do believe in the future of Apple as Tim will press on and continue focusing on making the best products available for consumers.  Long and strong.
    Good analysis , I hope it works for you. Probably will over time. I myself am trying to make money over shorter time frames. To that end I see the Bears definately have this stock. The 8ma is pointing down and shows no sign of reversing. Until the 2ma points up thru that trend line I won't be entering . The stock has clearly broken down thru the major support at 92 and May test it again and it may become the new resistance which if it does then the stock should start trying to determine the next support which could be as low as 80. As a result of this I'm playing it fairly safe with weekly option with stops to limit the downside risk and take profits as they appear. 
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    sensisensi Posts: 346member
    May 13, 3:06 PM EDT
    Alphabet: Mkt cap 491.28B
    Apple: Mkt cap 483.06B

    My guess is that they are on top for the long haul, with probably more areas of possible growth...
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