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    IMHO I disagree about Googoo's Maps being better!?. There are places where Googoo's Maps exceed the value (in content) of Apple's BUT there are so many places where they have to be told that you cannot traverse a route they suggest that simply does not exist (except this e in a hover car /s). The UI on GooGoo's is definitely the LCD (is there a bottom common denemoninator ?) -- Apple always makes UI/HI a priority.

    That being said Apple apparently did not give the first release of Maps the QA that a project of that size and potential magnitude it deserved! It looks like QA got the full content the same day as they were to sign off on the RTM -- dark day in the Cupertino companies history for sure.

    All That said Apple made the correct choice bringing in someone with experience that patched things up but then started rewriting from ground up. Kudos Apple!

    Some of the flyover views made bridges look like the Oakland viaduct @ 5:04 PM during the CA world series (Loma Prieta). I suspect that merely needed some tuning -- maybe it was submitted as a cosmetic bug when it should have been a 'show stopper'. Googoo needs to watch out though IMHO. Apple has not even had a third of the time to work on this as GooGoo and they are nipping at their heels.

    The one thing I would really like to see is a feature to have waypoints or the ability to link sets of directions together e.g.,.

    Family Road Trip

    (longest example)
    Houston -> San Diego Zoo (MAIN1 Route) w/ side trips to
    Carlsbad ->
    MAIN1 -> Las Vegas ->
    MAIN 1-> SD Zoo ->
    (VIA Hwy 1: MAIN2) w/ side to
    Lombard ->
    Fishermans Wharf -> 
    Golden Gate -> 
    Marin County (wine tour) ->
    Gun Emplacements in Marin County ->
    Back across 
    Golden Gate ->   
    Oaksterdam  :p ->
    Salt Lake City->

    February 2020
    • cornchip
      yeah, I wasn't really agreeing that GM were better per se, just pointing out that they had a decent lead. I haven't used GM is years as AM works just fine for me and the integration into iOS outweighs some of the features that might make GM ostensibly "better", which soon enough we know will be rolled out in full in AM. I just wish it weren't taking them so long!
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