Apple to host pop-punk band Good Charlotte at its WWDC16 Bash

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Good Charlotte will perform at Apple's Worldwide Developer Conference Bash on Thursday, the company has announced to attendees.

Good Charlotte to perform at WWDC16

The band, founded by brothers Benji and Joel Madden in 1996, is featured in an Apple Music curated playlist.

Apple's annual WWDC Bash wraps up the week long developer convention on Thursday, the last evening for many attendees.

Last year, Apple invited Walk the Moon to perform, and in 2014 the company hosted Bastille, and the year prior to that, Vampire Weekend.


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    rogifan_newrogifan_new Posts: 4,297member
    This is the best Apple could get?!?
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    SpamSandwichSpamSandwich Posts: 33,407member
    This is the best Apple could get?!?
    Well, the "best" would be touring, wouldn't they?
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    apple has impeccable taste in matters of design.  sadly, can't say the same about the acts they book to play at wwdc.  smh
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    lolliverlolliver Posts: 490member
    Music tastes vary so much. I don't think it would matter who Apple had playing at the WWDC16 bash there would be people complaining about the choice.
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