Microsoft says Windows 10 will miss goal of 1 billion device installs by 2018



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    cali said:
    They probably thought surface would be the new iPad.
    And that’s their problem. They’re shooting for a category that has already been brand-named.

    “Being the new Band-Aid”
    “Being the new Kleenex”
    “Being the new Xerox”
    “iPhone Killer”
    “iPad Killer”

    They’ve already lost. Apple took “tablet” and made it synonymous with iPad. Apple took “smartphone” and virtually made it synonymous with iPhone. 

    If Microsoft wants to be the leader in something again, they have to make their brand synonymous with what the product is. Like they did with Windows, basically. People hear “PC”, they think of something running garbage. And that’s long before Apple’s commercials.
    If Microsoft wants to be the leader in something again? That was a joke right? They still have 90% of the business computer market. 
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    cali said:
    They probably thought surface would be the new iPad.
    It still might. iPad sales have been dropping like a rock, and if the Xbox taught us anything, it's that Microsoft doesn't like to give up. The first Xbox was a flop. Sony and Nintendo used to absolutely dominate console gaming. Not anymore. Don't count out Microsoft. 
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    Why even set a goal like this?

    Customers don't care if Windows 10 is installed on 800 million devices or 1.2 billion devices by a certain date.  All they would care about is how well it works on THEIR devices.

    But setting a goal... and missing it... can only lead to embarrassment for the company.  The phrase "moving goalposts" comes to mind.

    I think it's funny that they are blaming this on the lack of Windows phone adoption.  Guess what... Windows phones were already tanking when they set this goal in the first place!  

    Surely they didn't expect Windows phones to be a big part of the 1 billion devices, did they?
    Let's be honest here, though. Apple has also been setting and missing quite a few goals lately. I'm sure their sales goals for China, the watch and the iPad were a lot rosier than they've turned out to be lately. If it's fair to point out Microsoft's misses, it's fair to point out Apple's too. 
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    dachardachar Posts: 330member
    MS have made another blunder. They are trying to force Windows 7 users who have been operating email from the installed MS programme to upgrade the email software. They sent her messages sating it will no longer work from the end of June (last month).  What is their recommendation? Yes you guessed it, upgrade to Windows 10.  My 80 year old Mother who has limited IT skills has been in a state because she thought she will no longer be able to receive or send emails. We solved the problem. I persuaded her to replace her old Windows PC with a new iMac. Another former MS customer who will never go back to Windows. 
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    tallest skiltallest skil Posts: 43,399member
    kermit4krazy said:
    They still have...
    Hence ‘again’.
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