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    Post Rose Parade, unmarked Old Town Apple Store. It's kind of blurry cuz I was in a moving vehicle at the time.

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    As a native Oregonian, I have a genetic hatred/inferiority complex toward all that is SoCal. It would be nice to have at least one Northwest Apple store as I think even in Gatesylvania (Intel is Oregon's largest our largest layoff-er), Macs are pretty popular. There is a thriving reseller community here though and maybe they think its not worth the competition.

    Besides, I am now planning my yearly visit to the despised, but sunny, state to the south and having the closest Apple Store roughly 800 miles away, it makes going to one such an event!

    Even if the Pasedena store is close to another one, CalTech and JPL and big incomes are all good demographics.

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