Apple killing Airport Routers

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I've been using Airport Extremes since they first came out, and won't switch until they melt into a white puddle of plastic on my floor! TP absolutely SUX! Everyone I've ever tried (as a WiFi extender) required a masters in router technology to set up, and EVERY SINGLE ONE OF THEM DID NOT WORK - even after calling their tech support. The Airport Extreme (or Time Machine or Express) — totally plug and play! But Apple has been headed down the wrong paths for the last few years. I blame it on Mr. minimal, Jonny Ives, who doesn't understand the most basic precept of design:  FORM FOLLOWS FUNCTION! Wake the fk up Sr. J. and Google; R. Buckminster Fuller!


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    The above post was supposed to go on the page on AppleInsider that talked about Apple killing their routers. However, when I went to post it, AI wouldn't accept my ID/Password so I had to change it. After that, I wasn't able to find the associated story - so if this seems out of context or out of nowhere, that's why.
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