Hoping for some advice re intermittent imac shutdown

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I was hoping I may be able to get some advice..
I have an early 2009 imac.
All was ok but it decided not to start up.
It makes the noise but as its about to start, it shuts down.
I managed to run hardware test and it said all was ok.
I have an old macbook and managed to get it to work in target disk mode but was unsure what to do next..
I suspect the mother board is not working properly.
The graphics and screen seem perfect.. when theres anything on it..
The disc utility tests I did having booted into safe mode said the hard drive was ok too but it wont start up in normal mode..
I was wondering how I can diagnose what the issue is as the disc utility and hardware test both say all is ok..
Its been suggested possible hard drive, graphics card, power supply and motherboard issue..
I managed to reinstall the original os from the original disc and all worked until it was time to start it. Same again, it beeped, but shut down just as it was starting  the "welcome to osx 10.5 (Originally came with osx 10.5.6)" process it does when you first start it the first time after installation.
Any help appreciated..


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