Apple to cut several business & events positions at retail stores - report



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    darkvaderdarkvader Posts: 844member
    Not a surprise.

    The displays at large Apple Stores now barely work. I tested one at Christmas in a large store. 5400 rpm Mac Mini attempting to run 10.12. Lag on opening the menu. Hilarious how bad it was.

    Apple doesn't care / isn't interested in anything that isn't iPhone iPhone iPhone, iPad with a watch smattering. 

    Too difficult to sell to businesses and organise things. Much rather sell adapters and cases for iPhones

    The ACN is so laughably broken in the UK, the Mac is the same. Come on Apple do us ALL a favour. Cancel the Mac except light weight laptops. Stop pulling our leg with the rest of it all and bin Pages, Number and Keynote as well please. Business teams in the bin, chuck the server app as well. Close it all down. For the love of god stop selling the embarrassing Mac Mini and Mac Pro you are dishonouring yourself and customers shipping shit like that with a 5400rpm drive or raising the price £500 on eon's old hardware. 

    What a horrible post.

    Do you work for Microsoft? 

    Apple needs to get their act together, not completely f**k up.  What you suggest would destroy Apple.  No, not immediately, they're too big to be gone in a year.  But drop the Mac to nothing but laptops and destroy the server app, and Apple won't last 20 more years, they might not even make it 10.  The people most loyal to Apple WILL leave if that happens.

    And Pages and Numbers are great, but Keynote is so far beyond Powerpoint that it's not even in the same class.  Why would you bin the best presentation program in the business?

     No, let's get some new Mac minis, good ones this time, and a new Mac Pro that's really a pro machine, not a joke like the trash can.  Apple could sell a LOT more Macs to businesses than they do now, and it wouldn't even take much effort, just some good products.  Apple could even build a new Mac Pro on the cheap, just do a custom EFI build on a standard dual-chip ATX server board in a pretty case.  Leave off the legacy ports, toss a few more Thunderbolt 3 ports, current Xeon chips and ECC RAM, and it's a Mac Pro they could be proud of.
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    Oh jesus, the entitlement.

    Glad to see the level of assholeness on this site never left.

    As enterprise, is it entitlement to expect more than "What's your company's name?  Do you have an account?"

    When we buy vehicles for the fleet, we don't walk into a showroom and talk to the first suit who offers us coffee.  We have established relationships on the inside going back decades, people who know what they're doing and how to help.  The same applies directly to IT sourcing, and THERE IS NO BIGGER TURN OFF, or waste of time, than starting from step one every time.
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    lerxtlerxt Posts: 186member
    My Airline company is moving away from iPad ( about 3500 issued) as the control of software updates is crashing operationally critical software. If we can't release an IOS update when our vendors software is ready for it, we are grounded. We are shortly issuing Surface Pro to replace IPads. IOS needs a corporate version.
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    tallest skiltallest skil Posts: 43,399member
    rogifan_new said:
    Why should Apple stores support for their products to third parties?
    A week or so ago I hit my first Apple Store since the discontinuation of their display line. It was embarrassing to see plastic displays next to the Mini and Pro. Maybe next Apple will start selling Dell towers in their stores once they kill the Mini and Pro for good.
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