Can I stop iPhone from looking for WiFi networks?

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The reasons are two:
1) I'm trying to do something on the phone like look at a map, and I get an irritating popup asking me to choose a WiFi network. This seems to happen especially when I'm in a hurry, grrrrr
2) Some apps seem to kind of "hang" as I leave the house and maybe the phone gets busy looking for a new WiFi network.

Really what I want is to only use the network I've selected, until I select a new one. And NO, I do not want to have to be turning WiFi on and off all the time to achieve that, that is also a pain in the butt (because I'll forget to turn it back on when I'm home and iCloud won't sync).

Any hope? For what it matters, I have an iPhone 5c updated to the latest iOS.


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    tallest skiltallest skil Posts: 43,388member
    Settings/Wi-Fi/ toggle "Ask to Join Networks" off.
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    Settings/Wi-Fi/ toggle "Ask to Join Networks" off.
    D'oh! So Simple! Why didn't I think of that...well, apparently I did, because I see that setting now, and it is off. Sigh. Just a bug. Another reason to move on to a new phone I guess. 
    tallest skil
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