Watch: Hands-on with the new iPad app dock in iOS 11

in iPad edited July 2017
With the newly revamped iPad app dock in iOS 11, Apple introduces a completely new interaction experience more in line with macOS. Check out the new UI, which supports in-the-dock app interactions and drag-and-drop gestures, in this AppleInsider video.

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    genovellegenovelle Posts: 1,472member
    That is crazy functionality!!!  Love it!
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    mavismavis Posts: 25member
    Great video. Just wanted to say that I like these short videos you guys are doing - sometimes I wish they had a little more 'meat,' but they're great videos nonetheless. 
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    fred1fred1 Posts: 1,059member
    My thanks too for these videos. My only complaint is that now it's much harder to wait for iOS 11 to be released! 😁
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    Great video on the new dock in iOS 11... can't wait for the release of iOS11 to enhance the  experience on my iPad Pro 10.5 and minimize my dependence on my MacBook Air..!! πŸ‘πŸ˜€
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    MisterKitMisterKit Posts: 469member
    Nice. I'm still wondering how many of the new features will play on my mini 2. 
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    mygigmygig Posts: 38member
    Great video! Does anyone know if you can put apps into multi window view, that aren’t in the dock?
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    GeorgeBMacGeorgeBMac Posts: 11,421member
    It seems like Apple is slowly evolving into 4 OS's:
    1)   Watch OS
    2a)  iPhone OS
    2b)  iPad OS
    3)  MacOS

    The first 3 are all iOS based and vary mostly based on screen size limitations.   But #2b will be very interesting to watch because:   it shares the similar screen sizes with MacOS (except for desktop class displays -- but even that could be overcome with an external GPU) and its primary distinguisher from it is simply the lack of a cursor.

    Currently a 256Gb, 10.5" iPadPro & keyboard costs about $900 while a similar sized and powered MacBook costs about $1,300.  And, the major difference in them (aside from the fact the iPad is a switch hitter) is that the iPad lacks a cursor -- which is a very fixable limitation.

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