Apple's 'TV' app goes live in France, Germany & UK [u]

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Apple on Friday quietly brought its "TV" app for iPhones, iPads, and the Apple TV to Europe, offering a centralized way of watching shows and movies from iTunes and various compatible streaming apps. [Updated with info about Sweden & Norway]

Image Credit: Nicolas Lellouche on Twitter
Image Credit: Nicolas Lellouche on Twitter

The app is now appearing on devices in France, Germany, and the U.K., according to various posts on Twitter, first noticed by MacRumors. Previously, the client was only available in the U.S., Canada, Australia, Sweden, and Norway.

L'application #AppleTV est disponible en France ! Elle va remplacer progressivement l'application Vidos des appareils iOS, et apparatre sur Apple TV.

-- Nicolas Lellouche (@LelloucheNico)

For the client to be useful beyond video from the iTunes Store, third-party apps must be specifically supported. In the U.K. some compatible titles should now or soon include BBC iPlayer, ITV, and My5.

On Wednesday the Apple TV gained a long-promised Amazon Prime Video app. Videos from Prime will appear in the TV app.


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    We have had the dedicated tv app for at least 3-4 weeks here in Sweden. :)

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    It´s live in Norway
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    Does it just appear??
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    Can't see it in the UK store.
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    Yeah, it sort of appears in place of the Videos app. There was a clue it was coming, as the other day when I popped in to the UK App Store to update iPlayer, both icons (Videos and TV) remained on my device. Previously when I'd go to the UK App Store to update apps, the TV app would be temporarily removed from my device. Once I signed back in to the US App Store, TV would reappear.
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    Rayz2016Rayz2016 Posts: 6,957member
    asterion said:
    Can't see it in the UK store.
    It just appeared on my iPhone, so you don’t need to download it. I think it replaces the Video app. 

    Hasn't appeared on the iPad yet. 
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    jensonbjensonb Posts: 530member
    Restarting my phone, then letting it go to sleep, prompted it to appear for me so that may help anyone trying to force it. Looks good so far, looking forward to working it into my routine.
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    Had to restart my Apple TV. Just appeared on my iPhone. Love it already. 
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    Scot1Scot1 Posts: 103member
    baz1536 said:
    Does it just appear??
    I don’t think so. Do an update if you do t have auto update on
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    It ‘just’ appeared for me on the ATV4K... Kinda confused me when I left an app and landed on the Watch Now screen rather than the normal Springboard!

    The TV app on the iPhone X replaced Video after a cycling the power, and I’ll try that on the iPad Pro later if it doesn’t show by itself. 

    I’ll explore TV in more detail later tonight, but in the UK it does seem to be missing ‘All 4’ to round out all the classic terrestrial channels, and I hope Now TV gets integrated as well in the future. Looks good so far, though. 
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    Good luck ... I had major issues related to the TV app on my iPad and Home Sharing (library on iMac) a while back and finally gave up.  Installed Plex that 'just works' (like the superseded Video app used to).
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    maybe still has kinks to work out but I just installed and looked up a show my youngest loves... Ben & Holly. It correctly listed it as available on My5 and Netflix but listed the episodes separately; Netflix Episode 1 was a duplicate of My5 Episode 101. The first 10 series' are also available on Amazon Prime but that didn't seem to show up as an option. I got an option to BUY series 2 which I'm guessing was via iTunes store. 
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