Amazon narrows the field of candidates for its $5B second headquarters to 20 cities across...



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    frankiefrankie Posts: 380member
    Screw Amazon.
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    mrboba1mrboba1 Posts: 276member
    buzdots said:
    Personally, I think Raleigh.

    Centrally located.
    Huge high tech presence existing.
    Interstates out the ying yang.
    Moderate climate.
    Younger dynamic cross section of workers.
    Plenty of larger, well located land tracts.
    Right-to-work state.
    I am prejudiced.

    Do not underestimate right-to-work.
    Raleigh native here. Are there public details of what these proposals include? Are they being steered towards the park? (Research Triangle Park, for those uninitiated). What tax base is being given up to induce them?

    Just remember, the reactionary muckity mucks have been poo-pooing any rail in the area so at best, we are 10 years out from rail service. All the rest are spot on, and why we are in the final 20. Also, the complete re-do of the airport can't hurt either. There will be extra capacity there when they get done which is perfect for their HQ. We did just lose GSK's US HQ in the last couple years, so Amazon moving in would more than wipe that loss away.
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    From the looks of it, I'd say Raleigh or Nashville are in good physical location, depends on if NC or TN sweeten the pot.

    Frank Lloyd Wright liked the term Usonian for a resident of the United States of America, because Canadians and Mexicans are also American. (technically all of Central and South are as well)
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