Apple releases macOS High Sierra 10.13.3, iOS 11.2.5, watchOS 4.2.2, and tvOS 11.2.5



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    dysamoria said:
    Have they fixed this:


    (major privacy hole in Safari: cannot clear Safari website data)

    This is just iCloud support for Safari. Turn it off and website data will not be stored on iCloud and will not affect other devices.
    NO it's NOT. I suggest you read more before posting such confident assertions. This is a bug that stops you from clearing your web browser history, cookies, and other stored data. Go try it yourself. See what sticks around. Even with iCloud Safari support disabled, the data persists. It is a BROKEN privacy and storage management function.
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    Still no fix for the time issue in iOS on the iPhone X, for those wondering what I am talking about, if you set the time to manual then restart the iPhone X it turn automatic time back on, I know this does not happen on my iPad Pro (2nd edition), I guess Apple Engineer will  eventually figure it out.
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    Well IOS 11.2.5 broke the Ford Sync 3 iPhone USB connection for the Sync 3 music app. Using Apple Carplay works fine. This bug only affects the Sync 3 Music app which can only be used if Apple Carplay is disabled in the Sync 3 settings. You can only use one system at a time. Bluetooth works good, but only if it is selected prior to connecting the USB connector. Once Bluetooth is working, the USB connection can be made as long as it's not selected as a source of music. Siri will also function. But if you try to select USB as a music source the music stops as the synch system searches for the source. After several seconds music reverts to FM or AM and both USB and Bluetooth is locked out for that iPhone. Disconnecting the USB connector allows the iPhone to be used via Bluetooth again. And again, after Bluetooth is playing the USB connector can be attached again to charge the iPhone and use Siri. Just don't try to select it as a source or the symptoms will repeat. Apple CarPlay works fine. Prior to IOS 11.2.5 everything worked fine.
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