Reminder: HomePod can replace an Apple TV or iPad as a HomeKit hub



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    krawallkrawall Posts: 162member
    7 accessories not responding. I’m amazed so little for that many devices. I normally have 50% of my devices not responding. 
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    mike1mike1 Posts: 3,236member
    JanNL said:
    mike1 said:
    The third generation Apple TV can be used as a HomeKit hub, but it won't be able to be used to remotely access HomeKit cameras, change user permissions, or create automations from the device.

    I have not yet been able to set up an ATV3 as a hub. Does not show up in the Home App and nothing in the ATV3 iCloud setting mentions Home as the web site says it should. Everything is updated to latest rev. 2-factor authentication is active.

    Anybody help solving this would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.

    And iCloud Keychain in use?
    Yes. Definitely.
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    Yes. I need to start movie on home display when I am far away from my home. That would be "great" feature. BTW how do I deactivate microphone permanently? Should I take it apart and cut it or install physical switch?
    Cover it with tinfoil.
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    jbdragon said:
    The picture of the Home app on an iPad shows a vacuum. Anyone know of a HomeKit enabled robotic vacuum?
    A little Google search goes a long way! iRobot Roomba 980,966,960 (Series 900) works with Homekit and Siri

    That's a cool video posted by SmartSolutions from ODI Home... but I don't see any announcement or reference to HomeKit by iRobot. It appears to be a 3rd party automation. I saw something similar as a Kickstarter (Thinking Cleaner).
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    This is an old article, but its worth mentioning, i've been driving myself CRAZY the last few months trying to figure out why HomeKit accessories aren't responding reliably or quickly via HomePod siri commands, but perfectly fine through iPhone and iPad siri or home app. turns out I had Apple TV's and the HomePod BOTH set as home hubs, and you can't choose which is primary so the apple tv was selected as the hub and home pod as standby. with these settings for some reason Siri HomeKit is really bad on HomePod. I turned off home hub on the apple tv so HomePod took over as primary and VOILA, instant fix. I actually bought a brand new router, tried tons of different wifi settings, channels, airtime fairness, etc.... Nobody else on the internet seems to have figured this out yet from my google searching so, maybe this will help someone else in the same boat!
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