YouTube TV arrives on Apple TV after months-long delay



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    GeorgeBMacGeorgeBMac Posts: 11,421member
    gatorguy said:
    jcs2305 said:
    So, for $35 a month:  "Subscribers get access to live television shows from major broadcast networks like ABC, CBS, NBC and Fox"

    With the possible exception of some Fox stuff, aren't those all public broadcasters that you can pick up free with a one time cost of $35 for a digital antenna?

    Gee!  What a deal!  I'll jump right on that one!  /s


    • ABC
    • CBS
    • The CW
    • FOX
    • NBC


    • Big Ten Network
    • CBS Sports Network
    • Comcast RSN (regional)
    • ESPN
    • ESPN2
    • ESPNews, ESPNU
    • Fox RSN (regional)
    • FS1
    • FS2
    • Golf Channel
    • NBCSN
    • NESN
    • SEC Network
    • Tennis Channel
    • YES Network


    • AMC
    • BBC America
    • Bravo, Chiller
    • E!, Freeform
    • FX
    • FXM
    • FXX
    • IFC
    • Nat Geo
    • Nat Geo Wild
    • Oxygen
    • SundanceTV
    • SyFy
    • Universal HD
    • USA
    • YouTube Red Originals
    • WE tv


    • BBC World News
    • CNBC
    • Fox Business
    • Fox News
    • MSNBC
    • Newsy


    • Disney Channel
    • Disney Junior
    • Disney XD
    • Universal Kids


    • Universo
    • Telemundo

    PREMIUM CHANNELS (Additional charge)

    • Shudder
    • Sundance Now
    • Fox Soccer Plus
    That took 10 seconds and a Google search...
    Glad to hear that you learned how to do a Google Search!
    But, the article said:    "Subscribers get access to live television shows from major broadcast networks like  ABC, CBS, NBC and Fox"

    So, unless you are contradicting the article, what's your point?

    You were unaware there were any other channels involved so the posts seems perfectly proper. So that's the point: You didn't know and now you do. 

    As for even the live TV channels I live fairly close to a major metro with stations covering all the major broadcasters, a couple dozen all within 35 miles, but still have problems with certain ones depending on their direction from me and the obstructions involved. Out of three ABC stations I can get one. Only one CBS too and that one is iffy, occasionally just a pixel puzzle. Having live channels included with my internet-provided streaming package is a welcome thing. My current streaming provider doesn't offer CBS or NBC tho,  and I particularly like the new Star Trek Discovery (CBS). 

    But I don't have plans for subscribing to YouTube TV myself. For me Sling is still the better match for the channels my family enjoys. Options are good. It wasn't all that long ago I only had two: Either an antenna or one single cable TV provider for the entire area. DirectTV isn't an option for me even now, no clear path to the Southwest sky. 
    you might be right...   $35 for publicly broadcast channels is a bit crazy.   But I think I'll believe the article over a Google search...  

    Update:   Well ok -- other comments have sort verified what you said.  So, I'll go with it.   Good job!
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    jbdragonjbdragon Posts: 2,246member
    I’ll stick with my large antenna and record everything with Tivo.  Which by the way I can skip commercials by using my voice to my Google Mini or Alexa Dot.  I hope there will be future Siri support.

    Other than some hardware costs to start off with,  I pay zero every month.  Between the antenna and Netflix,  there’s a ton of content.  The problem with streaming all your tv content is hitting that CAP wall from your cable company.  I’m saving a bundle after cutting the cord and than not signing up for all this other crap.

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    gatorguy said:
    MacPro said:
    gatorguy said:
    MacPro said:
    This thread seems a good place to draw attention to this article regarding YouTube's dubious algorithms.
    Umm, how is that pertinent to the TV product? 
    Last time I checked it's the same company.  
    Oh, gotcha. It's not pertinent. 
    Maybe not to a paid Google media person I would imagine.  What does your latest press release say?
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