Apple versus Samsung smartphone patent trial not over, $533M jury ruling contested

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The first round of smartphone design patent litigation between the tech giants isn't over yet -- Samsung has moved to toss the most recent verdict.

Apple Samsung litigation

A federal court ruled in late May that Samsung owes Apple more than $533 million for infringing on iPhone patents, but that doesn't appear to be the end of the road for the long-running case. Samsung has filed a post-trial motion asking both to toss the verdict and to reimburse it $145 million.

According to Law360, Samsung believes that the judge should grant it either summary judgment or a new trial. The 34-page motion also argued that the verdict was not supported by the evidence.

In related matters, Samsung is also seeking a refund for $145 million it paid on another patent infringement case involving multi-touch screens and software implementations. The patent in question has been invalidated since.

The Trial

The most recent Apple/Samsung trial wrapped up May 24, when a jury ruled that Samsung owes Apple $533,316,606, for infringing iPhone design patents. That trial was the result of the U.S. Supreme Court ruling that kicked the case back down to a lower court for judgment of damages.

The week-long trial, held before perennial Apple jurist Judge Lucy Koh, featured testimony from, among others, Apple marketing VP Greg Joswiak. Apple had sought $1 billion in the case.

What's next

Apple has ten days to respond to Samsung's filing. A hearing on the matter is scheduled for July 26 in Judge Lucy Koh's courtroom.


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    South Park should do an episode where Cartman freezes himself to wake up in the future cause he can’t stand waiting for the new iphone. I bet in the year 2546 Cartman would still find Apple & Samsung in court suing each other. Bark! Bark!
    edited June 2018 magman1979watto_cobra
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    Coming soon,

    Part Twenty of the 'Never ending Court Case'.

    Do the decent thing Samsung and accept the ruling. Sadly this will go all the way to the Supremes (Again).

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    nunzynunzy Posts: 662member
    SameScam needs to shut up and pay up. The sooner the better.
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    Typical Samsung. Steal, and then delay until it doesn’t matter. 
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    DAalsethDAalseth Posts: 2,783member
    Not surprised at all. This is what Samsung does.
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    Rayz2016Rayz2016 Posts: 6,957member
    Coming soon,

    Part Twenty of the 'Never ending Court Case'.

    Do the decent thing Samsung and accept the ruling. Sadly this will go all the way to the Supremes (Again).

    Oh they can't do that.

    Samsung steals from lots of companies outside of the IT arena. They won't stop because they need to show anyone they steal from that they will fight on, even after they're found guilty. If they caved straight away then more folk would take them to court. If this wasn't the case then they'd just pay up; they've definitely made more money ripping off Apple than they've paid out in fines and court fees.

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    farmboyfarmboy Posts: 152member

    Sadly this will go all the way to the Supremes (Again).

    Probably not, since the Supremes aren't obligated to rule on any of these types of issues. I haven't seen the court docs Samsung has filed, but it's probably not a significant legal issue with national implications. The Court only has limited time every year for 100 or so cases, so this isn't going to make the docket.
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    bloggerblogbloggerblog Posts: 2,394member
    Apple needs a baseball bat and plane ticket to Korea.
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    larryjwlarryjw Posts: 1,006member
    Of course, this was to be expected. But, I cringed when the amount came back — about 50% of what was asked.  

    In part, much of the appeal will likely revolve around how the well documented the jury calculations were. 
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    red oakred oak Posts: 1,019member
    There are no longer any Samsung products in my house nor will there be in the future.  And, I've made sure this is the case for my extended family 

    F*** Samsung.   Corrupt, lying, stealing -  all built into their corporate DNA  

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    It is time. 
    edited June 2018 watto_cobra
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    KuyangkohKuyangkoh Posts: 839member
    Why in a hell our court keeps lestining, its done....Supreme Court send to the lower court for the penalty trial, the verdicts was IN and jury said Samsung has to pay....when will this ends, a waste of tax payers money. GRRRRRR
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    SpamSandwichSpamSandwich Posts: 33,407member
    This isn't news. Asking for summary judgment or to dismiss is just standard operating procedure in a court case. If a lawyer failed to request that of the court, they'd be guilty of malpractice.
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    bko62bko62 Posts: 2unconfirmed, member
    This is like Groundhog Day for Apple. Apple wakes up, Samsung repeals, goes to court, testify, jurors rules Apple win, award Apple. Apple ends the day, goes to bed. Apple wakes up.............. Something is seriously wrong with the American legal system.
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    This farcical affair says more about the US justice system than anything else. I wonder what the total spend is so far on legal fees and costs, from both sides, and any cost to the taxpayer.
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    Wow. As a Judge you can spend your whole career on 1 case. 
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    The only thing Samsung was good at was making TV's which is what they should of stuck with instead of copying off Apple after making components for them. I admit even today there HDTV"S are nice, some of the best, if it wasn't for everything else that they make, this fight would of been over a long time ago.
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