Prices and user experience drive smartphone OS switching, poll suggests



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    Pylons said:
    ireland said:
    We need some more affordable premium Apple smartphones. And we need a 4.5 - 5” small size iPhone with all the high end features on iPhone X, for all of us SE lovers who want the premium Apple experience and feel these features shouldn’t be exclusive to the beasties.
    Completely agree! I am still using my iPhone 5S and would really like to upgrade this autumn, but I'm quite annoyed that only the iPhones with the biggest screens get the best cameras. In my opinion the size of the X may still be alright, but it's on the border of being too large.

    Absolutely. Even if they could get the X down to the size and weight of the 6, I feel like that would be a big improvement. For years, there was a push to make phones smaller, thinner and lighter, but once the market for bigger phones was discovered, it seems that everybody has forgotten about those of us who want power in a small package. My only thought is that they’ve been creating this equivalence between screen size and price, and they’re afraid it will be harder to ask high prices for a smaller screen. That, and maybe the question of getting a strong battery into a small phone. But it seems strange that the thinnest iPhone to date, if I’m not mistaken, is the 6, and they’ve been getting heavier since then too. And if you want the luxuries of one-handed operation, great pocketability and full built-in support for your high-end headphones, the only option is the low-end model (which is still a great phone, of course). My dream phone would be about the size of an SE, but with the full-face screen and cameras of the current flagship model. And I’ll take a lighter, thinner and shatterproof aluminum back over wireless charging any day. 
    It would be nice to see Apple come out with a 4-4.5” screen phone for the market but I wouldn’t expect to see the same internal parts because the space in the phone is more limited. Although, they could afford to make it somewhat thicker since it is a smaller phone. 
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