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    I’m curious if anyone has found a better solution for large libraries? I have over 10tb of music, and iTunes seems to run slow and get lost with it. It also can’t play flax, so I wind up having to convert lots of files. 
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    My iTunes library contains 221 000 songs - mostly classical, so a movement is a song. Totally about 10000+ CDs. Around 3,5 TB. On my fairly recent iMac this is fast enough, if not exactly lightning fast.
    I treat each work as a "CD", which means that a CD with 3 string quartets on it ends up as 3 CDs. I choose column view, with columns for genre, composer, artist and work. I put extra info, f.inst. soloists in operas in the Comments field, so it is searchable.
    So if I want to see which Haydn string quartets I have by the Mosaïque quartet, I click Chamber, Haydn, Mosaïque, and there they all are.

    Or i type Haydn Mosaïque in the search field.
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