Apple releases macOS Catalina Supplemental Update with iCloud Login fix



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    Of 3 installs, 2 failed with a "insufficient space" error on reboot.  After spending time on finding a fix, it appears that the installer is not removing Time Machine snapshots. Annoyingly, the Recovery console terminal doesn't have access to the "tmutil" commands, which meant that the only fix was to boot into another volume and execute "tmutil thinlocalsnapshots" against the "install" volume. Once snapshots are trimmed (or you can delete), then the install proceeds without any issues.

    Further analysis seemed to show that the snapshots were residual ones left from the non-primary Time Machine backup volume (I do monthly backups to another volume).

    I logged the fault with Apple and I assume this bug is now fixed.  But if it isn't, the work-around is as above.
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    netroxnetrox Posts: 1,281member
    I still get annoying prompts to enter iCloud from System Prefs after the update. @#&;%^@#$
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