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Okay, here's the idea. During boot up into OS 10.2.4 at the boot screen i would like to create an applescript or something that uses one of the OSX voices to say a user defined greeting. If anyone out there can give any references or pointers to accomplishing this, it would be greatly appreciated. Or just tell me its not possible and leave it at that, but remember all the mac users out there who are without a greeting for there warm and loving macs. Thanx....Geist


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    Well...I do know about these two scripts on Apple's Applescript page:


    The first one lets you type in text, choose the system voice, and then creates an AIFF file from the input. It's really cool actually. I have a custom Mail warning and another to use with Meteorologist's new Weather Warning feature. That will give you the AIFF file. As to how to get it to play during startup I have no idea, other than making it a login item.
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    overhopeoverhope Posts: 1,123member
    If you make it a login item, iTunes fires up to play the file. Bring back System sounds!
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    ibrowseibrowse Posts: 1,749member
    Just put an AppleScript in the Login items like this


    Tell application "Finder" to say "Put your message here"

    And save the script as an Application and make sure the 'stay open' box in not checked. I think it will just use whatever voice you have chosen in your system preferences.
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    Add this string to specify the voice

    using "Victoria" or whichever voice you like, from the speech preferences

    for total script of:

    Tell application "Finder" to say "What a silly use of cycles" using "Victoria"
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    dmgeistdmgeist Posts: 153member
    Thanx for the help, works great. BTW, if anyone's interested do a search for,, and for those nifty animations that you see when you install OSX............Geist
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