German advertisers file antitrust complaint over Apple's App Tracking Transparency



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    I use a small iPhone.  Screen space is precious 
    Because of that, every app I have is the "Pro" or "Ad Free" version if that's available.
    I don't want ads.  I don't want to be tracked.

    Of course I still get ads, but they are more random and interesting, instead of 10 ads for something I already bought a few days ago.
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    LeoMCLeoMC Posts: 84member
    I never understood what law these trolls claim Apple is breaking with the ATT…
    Is there a law (in Germany this time) that forbids the user and/or the owner of the ecosystem to implement anti-tracking by request tools?
    If there isn’t such a law (and there isn’t, because anyone is free to use a VPN, for instance), why would such a trial even gets into a court of law?!
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