'High Power Mode' coming to 16-inch MacBook Pro with M1 Max, Apple confirms



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    williamlondon said:
    Do you think so? I just bought a new monitor for my Mac Mini and at the last minute changed from a 30" to a 27" because an article on Tom's Hardware suggested a 30" monitor might be too big. It sounded like good advice, but to be honest I'd love a bigger monitor, just wondering what other people's experience is with the 30" monitors in normal home/office desk environments.
    I have the Dell version of the same IPS panel Apple used in their 30" panel years ago before they stopped selling monitors and love it.  I will never go below 30" now, and that monitor is 2560x1440.  I can't imaging 4k or 5K on something below 30" - what's the point?  

    I also find with my over 40 eyes that larger screens are a LOT easier to use.  When I was younger and didn't need reading glasses I probably wouldn't have cared, might have even preferred the smaller screens.  But now?  I really appreciate the extra screen real estate. Also 30" is about 40% more area than a 27" - 27 vs 30 doesn't sound like much, but volume wise it's a pretty astonishing difference.  I think because the diagonal measurement distorts our perception of relative size.  
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    commentzilla said:
    My guess is that the M1 and M1 Pro are already capable of this because it’s within the thermal and noise limits of the laptop. The M1 Max likely can cross that line and offers an optional setting to enable the battery sucking leaf blower mode.
    I wouldn't be surprised if the extra GPU cores in the maxed out Max are the culprit. 

    I can't wait to test that theory myself in a few weeks!
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    Beats said:
    I thought one of the main draws to M1 was no fans?
    Only in the MacBook Air.  All other M1 Mac's have fans - but you would be hard pressed to ever hear them.  They don't have to move that much air to keep the 10 watts of the M1 cool.  The M1 Max can go up to 30 watts - so yeah, some active cooling is very prudent. 
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    Super desirable 16" M1 Max MacBook Pro just got even more desirable. Looking forwards to seeing GeekBench results when using the battery, plugged in and with performance mode enabled.
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    mjtomlin said:
    AniMill said:
    I believe that the iMac Pro is only sunset as an Intel machine. I’m guessing that the next iteration will be a 28” iMac Pro w/ the M1 Pro, and an iMac Max with the M1 MAX chip. Also perhaps a Mac Mini Pro with both high-end chips (wishing). The rumor of a 27” Liquid Retina Display for said iMac’s and as a separate display are rolling out. I also think we’ll see the base 24” iMac get up to the best M1 Pro only.

    Base M2 will come in 2 configurations; CPU 4/4 and 6/4, GPU 8 and 12. All lowest end base models will still ship with an M1 as they do now, but  24" iMac and mini will also get M2 models. The MacBook Air will stick with the M1. We'll see the return of "MacBook" with the M2, to fill the gap between the Air and new MacBook Pro. Starting at $1299. (13" MBP will be discontinued.)

    I think we will see a mini "pro" using the new M1 SoC's. Still not sure what they're going to do with the iMac "pro" though. Low-end models could use the new M1 SoC's as well and possibly get a beefed up M1 Ultra with 16/4 CPU and 64 GPU cores.
    I was thinking along the same lines with the MacBook joining the line up. It would be weird though if it was superior to the Air as the iPad is basic and the iPad Air is the upgrade in the ‘good, better, best’ structure Apple seem to be adopting nowadays…
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    Oh yeah! With a fan noise like hurricane category 5 only starting up the computer. And you can turn it to the lower part end fry an egg. what we need is an iPad Pro with the max chip, will be a silent BEAST.
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    fastasleepfastasleep Posts: 6,176member
    Beats said:
    I thought one of the main draws to M1 was no fans?
    The Air and iPad are the only M1 devices without fans.
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    mattinozmattinoz Posts: 1,945member
    I assume High Power mode would be automatic on the larger iMac's when they turn up. 
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