What to expect from the iPhone 14 Pro & iPhone 14 Pro Max



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    anomeanome Posts: 1,483member
    I don't see them having holes in the screen. The notch isn't a great solution, but the holes are worse.

    To me, the ideal solution is a small bezel at the top of the screen, but apparently it's just me.
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    elliots11elliots11 Posts: 281member
    sandor said:
    I have never quite understood the animosity towards the notch.

    It is ugly, yes. 

    But the alternative is simply cropping the screen, full width, below the front facing hardware that is within the notch.

    Yeah, but cropping the screen a bit - that's actually a fine idea.  I don't hate the notch, Apple actually uses the space for clock/battery/data info and that's a smart use of it, but it's pretty much making the screen a non-rectangle shape and is just weird.  I dislike the notch on my phone (dispassionately), and I have a notch on my laptop and it's less noticeable.  Cropping or notch is better to me than hole punch though.
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    retrogustoretrogusto Posts: 1,007member
    I’m hoping the titanium rumor is valid—a nice way to shave off some weight compared to stainless while looking cool in a unique way. I guess the question is if they can manufacture the pieces in the necessary quantities, and there may be some lesser galling and seizing concerns if anything is screwed directly into the frame (without a nut). People seem mostly fine with the phones getting heavier every year, but the heavier the phone, the more likely the glass is to break if it falls in the wrong way. 
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    Matte titanium would be a great look that's lighter than stainless. However, I doubt they could mass-produce the frames fast enough and at a decent price. The weight and polished stainless are why I returned the 12 Pro and chose the 12 Mini, instead. 
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