'Car Keys Tests' app surfaces on App Store

in iOS edited February 2023
"Car Keys Tests" appeared on the App Store, and it is a testing app for licensed MFi developers working on vehicles with Apple Car Key.

'Car Keys Tests' is a development tool
'Car Keys Tests' is a development tool

Apple's Car Key was announced in 2020, but very few vehicles have adopted the feature. The new app, Car Keys Tests, seems to indicate a wider rollout could occur thanks to improved testing capabilities.

This bare-bones app enables vehicle manufacturers to test, validate, and troubleshoot the Car Key feature. It shows steps for developers to take to ensure the Car Key software operates as expected.

Apple's brief App Store description:
For use by MFi Licensees only. Use the Car Keys Tests app to test and validate connection, performance, and other key requirements for the certification process of the vehicles you develop that incorporate Apple digital car keys technology.
The app was first discovered by anonymous sources that shared the information with 9to5Mac. "Car Keys Tests" isn't listed on the App Store, but a direct link will allow users to view the app.

It is possible to download the app, but users are met with a login screen. Only those with access to an Apple Developer account with MFi Licenses for Car Keys will gain full access.

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    CarKey is an awesome feature that I’d hoped would’ve seen a wider adoption by now. I really wanted this after my wife got it with her BMW X5. This along with HomeKey and now I don’t have to carry physical keys and the added pocket bulk with me anymore. 

    That said, I was pretty much forced into getting a BMW for this feature.  Not that that’s a bad thing as I love BMW cars and have owned in the past but having options would be much better. 
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    My initial thought from the headline was that this was going to be about materials testing - see if car keys can scratch it.

    Nice find, AI!
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    My next car will be a bicycle if car manufacturers don’t start jumping on this. Apple Home Key is such a game changer. Currently most cars I’ve see offer their own version as a paid sub. Which is a real disappointment. I’m guessing that’s why auto makers aren’t adopting this
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    Wesley HilliardWesley Hilliard Posts: 184member, administrator, moderator, editor
    Would kill for third-party manufacturers to build aftermarket key systems with CarKey support. I suppose Apple's own API's might be stopping them for security reasons. Let me install this on my car myself, please.

    I mean, it's gotta be on a roadmap somewhere, right? We can install aftermarket CarPlay, this is the next step. Aftermarket ignition and security systems exist, so get on it, Apple!
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    dcgoodcgoo Posts: 280member
    It has been a standard feature on Tesla vehicles for years.  You can optionally buy key fobs if you want.  The car comes backup key cards (proximity) but you don’t have to use them. The only required key is your iPhone (or other smartphone). 
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