Apple stock closes at an all-time-high, added $1 trillion to its market cap in 2023

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The AAPL stock closed at $197.96, up 1.67% for the day, a new record high for the company.

AAPL closes at an all-time-high
AAPL closes at an all-time-high

It's hard to bet against Apple in the stock market. The company has consistently outperformed its contemporaries and is one of five US companies valued at over $1 trillion.

On Wednesday, December 13, 2023, AAPL closed at $197.96, beating the previous high of $196.45 set on July 31, 2023. Apple also made the news on December 6, 2023, for passing $3 trillion total market valuation again.

Another notable milestone took place in 2023, according to Barron's, Apple increased its market cap by $1 trillion throughout 2023. Microsoft also managed to increase its valuation by $1 trillion in 2023.

Apple, Microsoft, Alphabet, Amazon, and Nvidia are the only companies valued at more than $1 trillion. The gap between first and second place, Apple and Microsoft, is about $220 billion, or about a Disney plus Spotify in size.

While these figures are interesting to observe, they don't mean much unless you're a stockholder. Apple's market cap is likely to reach $4 trillion in 2024 if its pace doesn't slow down, and with Apple Vision Pro on the horizon, anything is possible.

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    davendaven Posts: 696member
    Well, as a stockholder, I’m a happy boy.
    tyler82GrannySmith99ramanpfaffbyronlBart Ywatto_cobra
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    And this in spite of the fact that Android users can’t access iMessage. Imagine that. 
    StrangeDayswilliamlondonBart Ywatto_cobra
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    daven said:
    Well, as a stockholder, I’m a happy boy.

    Me too. Stock holder since 2002. VERY happy boy!
    ramanpfaffsconosciutobyronlBart Ywatto_cobra
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    eriamjheriamjh Posts: 1,642member
    AAPL is doing pretty well for being doomed and china collapsing.  
    edited December 2023 sconosciutoBart Ywatto_cobra
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    daven said:
    Well, as a stockholder, I’m a happy boy.

    Me too. Stock holder since 2002. VERY happy boy!
    2004 for me. Got to retire rather early. Very very happy boy. 😀
    GrannySmith99sconosciutobyronlBart Ywatto_cobra
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    Stockholder since 1996. Needless to say, I’m happy. 😉
    sconosciutojeffythequickbyronlBart Y
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    Stop it, my dick can only get so hard

    (since 2000)
    edited December 2023 Alex_Vbyronlwatto_cobra
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    Stockholder and bullish on AAPL but I rather doubt that Apple Vision Pro will add much to the bottom line. Certainly not in 2024. 
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    Remember 26 years ago when Michael Dell said to shut Apple down and give the money to the shareholders?
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    daven said:
    Well, as a stockholder, I’m a happy boy.
    I too have barely survived the last 4,832.43 cries of “Apple is doomed,” since 2010.
    williamlondonbyronlBart Ywatto_cobra
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