Update Profile Lies

in Feedback edited January 2014
Okay, here's the message I get


Warning: eregi_replace() [function.eregi-replace]: REG_BADRPT in /usr/local/www/aivbforums/docroot/admin/functions.php on line 947

It goes by really quick. I just rolled over to a cool grand, and in my vain attempt at giving myself an ultra cool subhandle, vB chunked on me. I click update, or save or whatever, and it goes to the intermediary page, but it throws that "Warning". It then redirects to vB home, real quick like. Ignoring the anomoly, and assuming genuine success, I scamper off to see my blazing new title, but alas, my subhandle is not quenched. In order to snag that line, I had to hit back, then go crazy-silly style on the 'stop' button. i tried doing it cool-like, but the browser saw my weak attempts at mocking its power, and it redirected me even more forcefully than i've ever been redirected before. i fear the browser now.


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