thinking of trying out have never listened to an audiobook before...

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is it worth it?? does anybody have suggestions of good books, well read for me to try??


just what i need...another addiction to go with the iTMS..sigh


if this helps...i am looking at my books...lots of jim thompson, philip k dick, henry miller, kurt vonnegut, hunter s thompson, jg ballard, jerzy kosinski, samuel delany, charles willeford etc


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    doxxdoxx Posts: 41member
    I listen regularly to audiobooks -mostly on the train, on my way to work- I think it's a great experience. I didn't go with audible though, because it's too expensive. I bought a few on ebay, ripped the files and re-auctioned the audiobooks... Send me an e-mail how to get great audiobooks
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    unleadedunleaded Posts: 6member
    The one cool thing about Audible support in iTunes 4 is disk spanning when buring Audible books. You no longer need to set start and stop times to burn an entire book to CD.

    Just create a playlist out of the Audible file and start a burn. After the CD is encoded, iTunes will eject the media and wait until you have inserted another disk. This will continue until the entire book is burned to disk. Pretty cool, especially when your dealing with a 6-8 hour recording.
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    thegeldingthegelding Posts: 3,230member
    thanks for all the replies...i will probably try audible for a while...i am a consumer at heart, so i like to buy things...i figure it helps grow the market....though i will check out ebay too

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