WMA to MOV to DV but no sound

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I have a 30-Minute video from a client school in Guatemala. They compressed it in WMA so I had to extract and save it using a Windows machine/software to compress it into a Quicktime movie. Now I have a legitimate .mov file of decent quality with synchronized sound video on my TiBook. I don't have the option of getting the original video.

I would like to clip out some sections of the video, but I am unable to do so in Quicktime. I have QT Pro 6, so I am supposed to have editing capability, but no joy.

When I import the .mov into FC Pro 3, I get the video but no audio. I exported the .mov to a DV stream and still have no audio. When I export from QT, the audio options are greyed out.

I know I could cludge around with something like audio hijack to extract the audio and then paste it into FC pro, but there should be a better way.

Is there?\


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    enaena Posts: 667member
    this is a long shot...but I know a guy who has had this problem.

    The encoding on the sound is not "right"---I forget which "bit" it should be, but on the Mac, for some reason certain rates wreck the sound.

    ....maybe strip off an AVI and then put them back together?

    IIRC this is a "popular" problem on Apple's KB....
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    The bitrate may be an issue, what puzzles me is that i have the full package when I view the .mov file in QT, , but I don't get audio in FC Pro. Perhaps there is a plugin that I've added to QT that also needs to be in FC? I don't know much about the plugin architecture of FC Pro anyone else?

    Thans ENA
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    mcqmcq Posts: 1,543member
    Not that this helps, but if you do a get info on the file while it's open in quicktime, what type of Audio stream is it?
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    The video format is MPEG1 muxed, which is probably the problem. i know that demuxing is a process involved in some DVD ripping, but I don't know exactly what it means. I guess I need to go a-googling

    The FPS is 25 for a 320x220 movie
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    k_munick_munic Posts: 357member
    behind the ending .mov are hiding dozends of formats, it is just a container of formats! in your case it is a mpeg file, which means, the audio and video are "muxed" - weaved together.

    qt pro is able to play these files, but is not able to convert it, because therefore you have to de-seperate them.

    look for a tool bbdemux at vt.

    you get 2 differrent files, one is the video, the other the audio part of your movie.

    you can re-combine them with qt pro, then (finally!) export this new fiel as a dv stream.......

    mpeg1/2 is still a problem on apple.....
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    mcqmcq Posts: 1,543member
    bbdemux or mpegtx will demux it... be careful when you paste one track over the other in a new file though... make sure that the audio/video syncs upl
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    Originally posted by MCQ

    bbdemux or mpegtx will demux it... be careful when you paste one track over the other in a new file though... make sure that the audio/video syncs upl

    bbDemux failed every time.

    Mpegtx eventually (in desparate mode) split the track and the rest worked from there... More hassle than necessary though, and the sync isn't perfect. That's what I get for working with Windows file formats!

    Thanks for the late-night (at least to me) help everybody...

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