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I need to do a very simple 3D model for a product proposal. This is a commercial presentation, so MAYA PLE isn't an option, because I can't very well go into a meeting with a watermark.

The item in question is essentially a rectangle, similar to an iPod in size with different functionality.

What are your recommendations, if my criteria in order are:



quality output

short learning curve




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    foadfoad Posts: 713member
    How much 3D do you know? HOw familiar are you with it?

    Good options are Maya and Lightwave, but CInema4D is also a strong package. Price-wise, they are all roughly in the same ballpark. They all have solid renderers(Maya's renderer is much better now with more Mental Ray intergration). Each of them is more intuitive in some ways then others.
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    I'm relatively inexperienced. I have used Bryce for terrain modeling, but not much for object modeling.

    i'm downloading a demo of Cinema right now. I'll check that against Maya. They seem kind of like overkill to me, but the options are thin.
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    cowerdcowerd Posts: 579member
    No such thing as a 3D that automagically does great output. You're going to spend time fussing with materials, lights and textures, much less modelling the thing. Unless you just go in with a wireframe.

    Doesn't this sound like a buyout--or is there no budget for it?
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    Doesn't this sound like a buyout--or is there no budget for it? [/B][/QUOTE]

    Not at the minimal level of detail... In the hour since I first posted the question, i'm 2/3 of the way to a workable model. What I don't know how to do in 4d is add text/images to the model and then render it in...

    I'm learning as I go, but I don't have a budget to have it done, or I would.
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    trowatrowa Posts: 176member

    you might want to check out Electric Image as well.
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