We Got A New Puppy =)

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not we just have to train it, we used to have one of the same kind but we never really trained the other one much she just kinda knew how to act, more or less, and stuff but this one we'd like to train this one properly

i've found perfectpaws.com and that seems to be very helpful, are there any puppy owners or x ones that have any tips?


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    Damn, I got a puppy a few months ago and I promised myself I wouldn't post any pics of him. Well, you started it.

    My advice is don't try teaching it any commands yet. The only thing worth working on is house training it. Don't paper train it. Sometimes this will lead to a lifetime of your dog thinking it's okay to crap on whatever you left on the floor. Not to sound soppy or anything but puppies kick ass.
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    best advice: look around and see if there are any local obedience training groups that do NOT use choke chains. we were lucky to find one, it was a cheap membership (i want to say CAN$10-15 per lesson with other dog owners), and it helped us a lot to have a weekly review and keep us on course.

    admittedly, the dog still occassionally does stupid things, and cannot curb the "chase after squirrel" instinct, but all in all, she's made out pretty well. she's also gotten more attentive to us now that she's not a doggie adolescent anymore...
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    Yes but the "chase the squirrel" instinct is what makes dogs so cool / personable I think. They're just ready for action any time your are. Cats on the other hand...you have to travel far and wide to find an adult cat that will not run away from your friends and family, let alone seek them out and slobber on their jeans.

    Luckily my Dad has such a cat but it was pure luck. Showed up as a stray and he took it in. The thing is built like an old fashioned water barrel. About 3 or 4 inches at either end and about 10 in the middle. I call it the Beluga-kitty. Must weigh close to 20 lbs.

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    jeebus, ast3r3x you have a great looking lawn! is it always that green?

    or is it new sod?
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    Originally posted by keyboardf12

    jeebus, ast3r3x you have a great looking lawn! is it always that green?

    or is it new sod?

    normally about that green in the summer...it does look really lush, i attribute that to the monsoon season the northeastern coast has been having

    we mow it about 2x a week and in the spring had furtilizer on it but we rn't those type of people that take SUPER care of their yard, we try...haha my dad will be happy you noticed that
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    cute puppy too!

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