Wait a second. Do we have to install G5 RAM in Pairs??

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Look at the motherboard.

PowerMac G5 Architecture

Two seperate banks of memory - what happens if one processor has more RAM than the other?

Does this mean we have to install them in pairs?

or is that computer generated diagram apple shows not entirely accurate?


It's 1995 again!

Edit: ok, i linked the wrong pic. But I'm sure that in the Apple video the RAM banks were in two seperate spots and not one . . .


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    yes you have to install them in pairs, like the nforce 2 card, and the lattest dual memory banks card from Intel.

    The DDRRAM used are standarts PC 3200 or PC 2700 64 bits DDRRAM.

    Concerning the dual, the RAM is not slided in two sections : one for the first chip and the other one for the second CPU. Both CPU communicate to the same memory via a memory controller who support two independant busses.

    After saying that i wonder if at the contrary of a 1,6 ghz, it's possible to upgrade to dual a 1,8 ghz (or both can be upgraded). This an interesting issue.
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    Installing in pairs is a good thing: the PowerMac G5 has a better chance of keeping the ravenous 970 FSB fed.
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    Seriously. By installing in pairs, you get double the bandwidth.

    And 2x512MB costs less than 1GB, so really, with 8 memory banks, you have no reason to complain.

    Again: cheaper AND faster.
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