iMac screen won't come on after HD install

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Hi Everyone,

I just purchased a second generation iMac (as he called it) from a friend. I've been using Windows for the past six years, so this is my first Apple. While I consider myself fairly advanced with computers, I?m a novice with anything Apple.

Anyway, like I said, I just picked up this iMac. Here's my problem: my friend tried installing his old G4 hard drive (a larger 40GB hard drive) into the iMac, which has caused the screen to not turn on (for lack of a better way to describe it) upon startup. The rest of the computer sounds like its booting up fine ?- the screen's just not turning on. So he then proceeded to put the original hard drive back into the iMac, but that hasn't changed the screen problem. It still won't come on. And yes, the screen did work before he installed his old G4 hard drive.

How can I fix this? I've heard of a reset button on the motherboard ?- will that do anything? What about resetting the RAM? Sorry, but like I said, I'm a novice when it comes to Macs Thanks in advance.


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    Try reseting the P-RAM. Do this by holding down Command(Apple)-Option-P-R at the same time at startup. The startup sound should chime again. Also, I think you're supposed to wait for the chime to sound a total of 2 or 3 times and then let go.

    Hope this helps!
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    All right, I know that this sounds like I'm an asshole, but did you plug the video cable back in? In taking out the motherboard, you need to unplug the video cable, and either not having it plugged in correctly or not at all would cause this.

    A few questions: Does the power light come on? Do you hear the startup chime?

    If you wait five minutes after 'starting it up,' can you press the power button on the keyboard and then press the return key, and does it shut back down? This is just a way to see if it is starting up the whole way without the display.

    2nd Generation? Is that a slot loading CD Rom? different people can put the cut-offs at different places.

    Hopefully we can figure this out
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    Thanks for your replies!

    Yes, it's a slot loading iMac, bauman. Also, I don't recall ever unplugging the video cable. I took off the case, took out the "container" holding the DVD drive and hard drive, and switched hard drives. All the cables are plugged in again. Never took out the motherboard. Though, I suppose the cable could have come loose. Where is the video cable?

    And yes, the power light comes on and the startup chime chimes.

    AppleMaster, I tried reseting the PRAM. I waited for the computer to chime twice and then let go. After a minute or so the computer sounded like it was powering down, though the power light still stays on. Now whenever I turn the computer on it chimes and then powers down (with the light staying on). Whoops, I hope nothing else went wrong
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    Ah, right, I'm sorry. Only in the tray loading iMacs do you need to completely remove the entire motherboard (and everything else, too... I mean EVERYTHING). Personally, I've only ever dealt with the tray loading flavors, so I'm afraid that my advice won't help here.
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    Ah, ok, thanks anyway. Can anyone else offer some advice?
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