Powerbook for Sale

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I have a 867 Titanium Powerbook G4 15 that is in absolutely perfect condition. No scratches no bad pixels no bad anything. I have babied it. I will send pictures if you want. I have upped the ram to 768 and have a airport card installed. I will sell it for 1800. Anyone that is interested can email me at [email protected] That is 200 less then what they are selling for right now and I have 512 MB extra ram($100) and airport card installed($79) So you are getting about $400 dollars off the already low apple prices. Just thought some poeple might be interested.


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    teddyteddy Posts: 155member
    Guess no one here is interested... Is anyone else having trouble with eBay in Safari. For some reason I can't sell anything.... It is really wierd.
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