printing crisis!

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Help, I'm having a serious printing problem!

I've got a 450 MHz DP G4 running OS X 10.2.6. My printers is a Brother HL-1240 USB printer. I also have a Windows XP machine on my internal network, and I've set up CUPS so that that machine sees my Brother printer as a network printer and prints to it. All this has been working without a hitch for months.

Yesterday, I suddenly lost the ability to print from the Mac. Whenever I try to print anything from any application, the Print Center starts up; however, when I look at the detail screen for the Brother printer under Print Center, the status line reads "Starting Job" and the status bar is in the swirling "barber pole" mode, if that makes sense. And it just sticks like that.

The oddest part is that I can still print from the *Windows* machine onto the printer just fine -- with the printer connected to the Mac! I've restarted the Mac (and the Windows machine, just for kicks) multiple times with no change. Can anyone offer any suggestions? Any help would be much appreciated!



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    Did you try restarting everything or unpluging everything and replugging them in?

    Probbably not much of a help here, but I find that sometimes we forget the simple things.
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    This used to happen to me. (Why it doesnt happen any more, I dont know. Maybe a newer version of OSX.2). If I stopped the printing job I sometimes had trouble resuming or printing anything new. Resume printing didnt help. I recall that restarting the computer usually did help but once I had to, as Bulky suggests, unplug the USB cord and that did the trick. All low tech stuff here but may be helpful.
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