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So how many kWh did you blow last month? I've been wondering about what is "typical" for a while now (fully knowing that "typical" is probably meaningless when applied across an entire nation or international community).

If you can be bothered to dig out your last electric bill and post in, please join in! Also feel free to describe your personal accomodations if you would like to preface your figure (Hey, I live in a hole in the wall with 1 cockroach who moved in with its own gameboy vs. Hey, I live in a 3-story home built in the desert and 5 kids).

Perhaps a poll could be fun, too? It will be my first.

Here's my figure for the latest bill: 260 kWh. High? Low? I have no idea. Also spec'd is change in consumption compared to this month last year at +6%. I'm like WTH- I don't feel like I'm doing anything 6% more than last year. Either my fridge is losing efficiency (not quite 2 yrs old) or this damn DirecTV receiver box is sucking a bit much in power? (kidding aside, as I realize a fridge pretty much swamps a DTV receiver in power, but that receiver seems to be "warm" all of the time whether it is on or off, so I wonder sometimes, plus I generally have a vendetta against all that is digital TV at this time) I have no idea really.


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