MiniDV's ... confused

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Hey all

Bought an IP55 last xmas. Asked in the shop and they said it was Mac compatible... Liars!!!

Anyway we're taking it back today to swop it for a MiniDV. Just wondered what was the best to swop it for??

Had a look on Apples site, to be safe and they have the TVR38. But this is not listed on the iMovie compatability list neither has the TVR33. Has it just not been added yet?

Looked on Sony's site and the one I would like is the PC105. Again this is not listed on the iMovie list but the PC100 and PC110 are. Would the PC105 be OK?

Any recommendation appreciated!!


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    eugeneeugene Posts: 8,254member
    Any Sony MiniDV cam should be compatible. The MicroMV camcorders are incompatible because they use MPEG-2 instead of the typical DV stream format.
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    Cool thanks for that Eugene. I think we'll get the Sony PC105 then.

    Thanks again
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