My eternal question: cross-platform printer sharing

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ok, here's the deal. we've got 3 TiBooks and one XP desktop. The desktop is plugged into a wireless routher which all four (the Ti's wirelessly) use to access the internet & network. I have a printer plugged into one of the Ti's, and printer sharing is turned on. All the macs can print to it no problem, but how do i get the xp machine to be able to print to that printer as well. As always, thanks, in advance, for all your help.



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    DAVE can do it very nicely, but you gotta pony up for it.

    I think there are some open source solutions, too, but I don't know what they are or how well they work.
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    For OS X use


    For OS 9 use

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    Eternal question indeed. Ive seen this question on every mac related bulletin board. I've tried some of the ideas that don't require spending money. Never worked.

    I have my kids (PCs w/ XP) just put things in shared folders and I print them on my Mac. I'll be following your posting, but I won't hold my breath. Best of luck.
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    i just found this website and am planning on giving it a shot later today. I'll keep you guys posted. thanks.

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    Are you sure your wireless router doesn't have a printer port? My cheapo USRobotics one does, and I am now printing to it (and thus, the printer connected to it) wirelessly, as are my sister and dad (running windows 9x) and a desktop PC land-lined to it.

    I can tell you how, if you are curious (lpr).
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