problems with canon scanner and panther

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As far as I can tell the canon scanner drivers do not work with panther... but it seems like something like this would be a big deal, and I can't find anything about it on the web. Is anyone else having this problem? Is anyone successfully using a canon scanner with panther?

i have a g5 and a 9900f scanner.



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    nevermind. silly me i didn't realize that the installer didn't install the drivers but another installer. i ran the installed installer and now everything is working great.
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    reynardreynard Posts: 160member
    I just want to commend you, John, for posting the resolution to your question. And you didnt even have anyone to thank since you came upon the solution yourself. For two reasons I like it when posters come back to indicate closure on their problem:

    1. Its courteous. Readers wont continue to offer help to a problem solved.

    2. Being an eternal novice, I like to learn from this forum. When a poster comes back with "problem solved" I know which suggestion was the correct one.

    I have a Canon scanner too so Im glad it wont present a compatibility problem when I get Panther.
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