New Security Update (11-04) quits during install

in macOS edited January 2014
Is anyone else having this problem. Both from SU panel and from a downloaded package, and after a reboot the current Security update will not complete and quits while 'Looking for software'.

Also, my system now often does NOT run items in the /Library/StartupItems folder. Sometimes it does run the items, but most times it does not. I have a mini firewall (just runs /sbin/ipfw /etc/ipfw.conf) and MySQL startup. These worked fine under Jaguar. I have run 'Fix Permissions' and have checked that the files in startupitems have the right permissions.

Any help appreciated.


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    Clean install is best, lol. Time to start from scratch. There are to many hacks and other things that can mess up a computer. Less is more*sarcastic*.

    Thank You.
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