Safari Download Problem (was "Newbie question")

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This may sound silly but whats a .dms file.

I download all these programs but when I go to open/run/install them OSX tells me there is no file associated with it.


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    cubedudecubedude Posts: 1,556member
    Are you using Safari?

    I've had Safari change .dmg (disk image) into .dms. All you have to do is change the name of the file to name-of-file.dmg
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    zoranszorans Posts: 187member

    That's exactly what safari's been doing, any way I could stop it from doing that or should I look for some form of download manager?

    Cheers btw guys
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    Bizarre. I've never seen Safari do this. In fact, Safari is among the most reliable of all browsers for downloading, Internet Explorer being the worst.

    From what sire are you downloading these files? Have you changed your destination download folder? Are there duplicates of the downloads piling up in said folder?

    Moving to the Genius Bar and changing thread title.
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    zoranszorans Posts: 187member
    I have been downloading files from ZDNET, limewires website... hell, even Bit Torrent 3.3 from their own site. They are going straight to desktop and the majority of the files end up with the .dms on the end. I changed some to .dmg and they worked.... just hate the fact that i have to do this.
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