What about those 2.4 ghz G5s

in Future Apple Hardware edited January 2014
We got really excited over the new case, but if I remember correctly The Register (and the Inquirer) were running stories about a 2.4 ghz G5 (7500) and 1.5 ghz 7470 G4 being sampled by Motorola already and targeted at a summer (1.5) and Q1 next year (2.4) release.

I am just wondering to not have heared none of these lately, not even about Motorola starting to use HiP7 or anything like that (which surely would have been mentioned in a press release or two).

Could it be that Apple will not release more rthan a CPU upgrade in August opting to leave out the stopgap solution and going to the "G5" first thing in Q1 2003? Or is there any proof that The Register is full of BS on the PPC front? Is a mhz jump at more than 266 mhz even realistic?

I am reading The Register for around three years now and I can not really recall them going after pumped-up rumors to get hits. Most of the stuff they post is true (or turns out to be). Halfway. It just strikes me as odd that 7 months ago the rumor channels were full of "blazingly fast" test machines and "2.4 ghz G5s" whereas now people seem fine with a 1.2 ghz machines. Which I actually wouldnt mind either..


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