keyboard layout changes when I reboot

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I've been using both Jaguar and Panther ever since each came out and have had the same problem with both:

I set up my system to use english as the main language.

However, since the two languages I usually type my texts in are French and Greek, I de-activate the US keyboard layout (k.l.) and activate the French and Greek ones.

My problem is that most times when I reboot my system, the System Preferences either replace the Greek keyboard layout with the US kl, or deactivates all keyboard layouts apart from the US one (In this case the keyboard manu disappears from my menu bar, meaning that to restore order I have to go through even more steps, opening System Prefs etc etc).

Has anyone encountered the same problem and does anybody know of a simple remedy?

Thanks heaps,



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    Similar thing happens to me. I use Dvorak with UK available in the list but every so often it gets set back to UK on reboot. If its feeling extra weird, Dvorak will disappear from the menu completely and only the UK and US will be available. When you then go into Sys Prefs to change it back it claims that Dvorak and UK are selected so you have to first select the US keyboard before deselecting it again.

    However, I have no solution to this.
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