Software to extract audio from DVD's

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I was wondering if there is a good app for extracting audio from DVD's. I'm not trying to pirate or anything, but it would be cool if I could listen to some of my live DVD's while driving. I would also be fun to cut some dialogue into mix cd's. I have a digital audio editor so if I could just pull the audio I'd be set.


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    cosmocosmo Posts: 662member
    hmm not sure about ripping just the audio

    the one way i can think of is to rip the whole movie, then extract the audio using quicktime pro. The problem is that quicktime cannot decode the AC3 audio from DVDs, so when you rip the movies, you would have to compress the audio into .mp3 and therefore lose some quality.

    This wouldn't bother me, because i usually can't hear too much difference.

    check out this thread on ripping DVDs:
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    shivashiva Posts: 13member
    Yo, there is an article in the latest (Dec. 03') MacAddict about just this.

    If you get the one that comes with a demo disc (not all of them do where I buy), the appropriate software is there as well. free too, I think.
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    trick falltrick fall Posts: 1,271member
    Thanks guys, I think I can do it with Ambrosia's wire tap. So I'm gonna try that.
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    trick falltrick fall Posts: 1,271member
    I'm happy with Wiretap so far. Especially since it's free and all. You should check it out.
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    Originally posted by tonton

    Since MacAddict is about $15 over here, could you give more details? What's the software? Is it exclusive to The Disc? Is it a difficult process?

    Some DVD's have audio tracks that I'd like to rip to iTunes. Of course I'm going to reencode to AAC. I wish I could just rip them like I rip a regular CD.

    this is not from MacAddict, but the way we do it over here:

    use OseX to get the elementary streams (.m2v and .m2a/.ac3), read the manual/website of OseX for details?

    throw the video file away.

    .m2a can be read with qt pro and be exported as mp3/aac

    .ac3 files have to processed with a tool called mACdec, which changes the file into an .aiff (which could be imported in iTunes)
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