Disable permanently genres and ratings for ALL music in iTunes?

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I know I can do that (for all the music I have now) selecting all files and editing their tags collectively - but is there a way to just click and disable the tags for genre and rating? I don't like them, and I definitely HATE to find dumb duplicates in iTunes, like

band - album 1 - hit song - rock

band - album 1 - hit song - classic

Band - album 1 - hit song - rock

band - Album 1 - hit song - rock

band - album 1 - Hit song - rock

band - album 1 - HIT SONG - rock

bAND - album 1 - hit song - world

when ALL those are the same song. Could you sugggest me an apple script or program for looking fod dumb duplicates? I have 25 g of music, I'm not going to browse it manually.

And, I'd be really happy if I could NOT have AT ALL the options for genre or rating for any music there. Including the new music I import. IF I choose not to show it, to my understanding the tag still is there, and the still after disabling it the files still stay duplicate.

I'm sure I have like at least 3 G of duplicates or dumb music files that I want to clean. And not by hand.


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    i think doing it manually would be a good way to kill an afternoon, or all of january! i've never allowed them on iTunes i get rid of those catagories early on.
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    giaguaragiaguara Posts: 2,724member
    thanks superkarate .. i might do that but 25 gb of music would make it really be january ...

    damn, no program or apple script to do htat? i might as well spend a month figuring how to make a program to do it ...
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