Apple is bound to end up as a software company

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This is just late night speculation!

I have hoped for an x86 Apple CPU soon, but the more I think about it the more unrealistic it seems in the near future.

The G4 is the only thing stopping Apple turning into a software company. The difference between an Apple PC and an x86 PC is the PowerPC and the Mac OS.

Replace the PowerPC with an x86 CPU then we have an x86 running OSX. The only hardware difference between Apple and ex. Dell is the PowerPC CPU both companies use the same hardware apart from the CPU and motherboard.

Even if Apple tries to differentiate their line of Macs from an average x86 PC with a slightly different motherboard these obstacles are bound to be hacked or circumvented in some form or another. If Apple wants a different CPU then it is going to be real expensive, no matter if they are made by Intel or AMD. The problem is just the same as with Motorola, the expense of producing a line of CPUs just for Apple can not justified by Apples small marked share, not even is marked share is doubled or quadrupled.

Therefore no special x86 CPU for Apple and we are stuck with Motorola. This mean that Apple will continue to slip behind in the speed race, Motorola cannot afford to develop faster and faster CPUs just for Apple, the marked share is just too small.

In the end this will force Apple to abandon the hardware business and make an x86 compatible version of OSX. I think this will happen in a few years (3-5 max!)

How long it will take to make Apple ready for the switch from being a hardware company to a software orientated company is anybodies guess. I think Apple already have started by buying software companies and secretly writing drivers for the millions of different types of hardware that?s available for the x86 PCs.

Even the switch ads target MS and aren?t that hardware focused.

This is just late night speculation off course but a likely scenario.

Sorry for the possible poor wording, but I don?t write in English for moths at a time.

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    zazzaz Posts: 177member
    Alas, what gives Apple the ability to create such wonderful applications is their intimate and unique understanding of the Hardware and OS.

    Outside that realm Apple would quickly become yet another software company.

    The fluidity of their applications is a direct result of hardware control.

    Even with Apples talent the 'just works' credence that their apps are endowed with would simply vanish into the .dll extension and library disaster that is Windows and become as troublesome as the current lackluster offerings.

    And, lastly, this forum would become future non-hardware.

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    27ray27ray Posts: 26member
    kind of like NeXT....

    I think that Steve might have learned from that mistake, unless he wants Billy G to buy out apple and then take control from the inside....


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    rupertrupert Posts: 69member
    But would things like .dll extensions, etc., that make windows so terrible be a problem with a x86 version of OS X?

    Assuming there was a version of OS X for x86 hardware, format the HD, get rid of windows, install OS X, if X has all the drivers you need for your peripherals, there would be no .dll files to deal with.

    If I am wrong, please correct me.

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    bigcbigc Posts: 1,224member
    they are as software company
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    eupfhoriaeupfhoria Posts: 257member
    [quote]Originally posted by zaz:


    And, lastly, this forum would become future non-hardware.

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    Apple will not become a software company. why?

    (posted above).

    Why does this matter?

    because this is the only real thread that people visit at AI, if it became future non-hardware then people would start visiting the software thread, thus causing an imbalance in the reality distortion field (the Force) and cause the world to spontaneously combust.
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    fran441fran441 Posts: 3,715member
    Rants/debates on this subject belong in General Discussion.
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