HALO, stupid...good play tho

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Has anyone tried to LAN halo with PC's right now, MacPlay is slow with their updates...I guess from what I can find.


The MS/Bungie version is at 1.00.03 of some sort...does anyoen find this extremely irritating?



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    Apparently they were 'frozen out' of the update. Which left them playing catch up. They have stated their intent to reduce parity with the PC version as soon as possible.

    Lemon Bon Bon
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    Macsoft has assured users that the 1.00.03 update will be released very shortly. I just can't find the link where I read that.
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    I went to a LAN when I wrote that, fairly small, but good sized with 8 people in a friends basement. It was irritating, but fully understandable, when I went to LAN HALO with them and couldn't. Understandable because it really isn't MacSoft's game. MS owns it, but stupidly didn't add a universal auto-updating feature.

    So basically it looks like MS is playing their usual field...lock everyone else out except their very loyal and EVIL customers.


    ps. we were able to LAN QuakeIII(MAC OS X) easily, QuakeI (MAC OS X), with Unreal falling out, as the Game of the Year doens't network with the regular version....all the things you can find out in one night, networking with the WINDOWS PC.
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